Tuesday, August 07, 2012

On a Saturday

"Unkie" Paul visiting from Oakland. 
 Ezra running to fetch fennel from the garden for everyone.

Wood-fired pizza and Swedish keyharp music at the Farmers' Market.
Puppy love at the market
waiting for Dada to finish up at the Provo Bicycle Collective. 
Shout out to Zac who has spent hours looking for parts and helping out with our vintage British Hercules that Ollie is welding into a bakfiets for me and Ez.
Dada still inside at the Bike collective while Ez and I set up camp in the shade. We've been taking Ezra's radio flyer ramp everywhere because he LOVES it.
At home Dada is modifying a wheelbarrow to fit as the cargo carrier.
Ezra in the hammock watching Dada work.
Getting closer to done...

 more later...