Saturday, April 26, 2014

This Place Has Been Oh So Quiet

What happened???

Last December of 2012 I took some online inner work courses from Lynn Jericho and then realized... inner work is amazing! How had I been on such a spiritual plateau for sooooo painfully long? The early morning hours of nearly every day for the last year and a half have been spent reading, meditating, and experimenting until finally

I feel like things are settling

and I've created a devotional life that I love.

What a lot of soul work, and happily, that's the kind of work that's never done (thank goodness).

Enough about all of that for a moment.

Here are some photos of lately.

This earth child at the lake with a snake.

Breaking bread with a canadian goose.
Always drawing.
downtown bike ride.
planting wheat grass for Spring in a bowl carved from our cottonwood pruning.
and then that grass has grown and the bunny delivered!

root babies wearing their little petal clothes.
and homemade playdough.
but his favorite things were the garden tools. This kid is a hard worker.
the candy from the city's egg hunt went into an impromptu candyhouse.

Dada removed the non-pentatonic keys from the glockenspiel and hootenanny's have a new harmony.
Mama Rach taught him how to tie his shoes on trax after we all went to the Salt Lake Bees game.
A blurry picture with Farmer.
Raccoons on the loose.

Besos grandotes!