Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Home Again...

...and trying to remember if I knit a single thing this last year.

Thankfully the camera remembers that I did tote knitting around.
Central Park
Grand Central Station

NYC subway

finished the socks I knit in NYC to give to my sister for her birthday.

Knit this hat for Oliver for his winter bike commute; below I am trying it on mid-process. It's a Red Cross WWI pattern and because it is made from local Jacob's Sheep wool it qualifies as a Utah High Desert Fibershed project.

 finished this handspun vest for Ez.

 and knit matching latte coats for Ezra and his adorable cousin (below).
 Since the below photos I have undone the cuffs and knit the sleeves four inches longer.
harvesting kale

 Sidge is modeling the garden scarf. Which is another Utah High Desert Fibershed project. All local wool, all dyed from plants in my garden. And it was the first time I made up a pattern.

Sidge and Ezra are wearing mittens I knit them. And notice Ezra now rides his bike with pedals!!!
a Momma made outfit.
 This vest is the second pattern I've made up; I'm gaining confidence people.  My mom never knits from patterns; I have always knit from patterns...until this last winter.