Thursday, August 09, 2007

Commercial Shoot-
Take 1
Yes, that's me in the BYU Museum of Art in a commercial for converse shoes for Chris Cutri's film portfolio.
Yes, that's me looking five months pregnant because grains are the staff of death and i've been joyously/wrecklessly nibbling away at everything Provo Bakery has to offer. If only i had been given more than one day's notice to lay off food that i'm highly allergic to (stomach- of-steel O'lover forgot to mention that he signed me up for this gig.)
Yes, that's Dan Barney playing the part of a haughty art connoisseur and looking fantastic. he had to hold that cup of dusty fake champagne for more than two hours.
And finally, YES this is the HOT Cassandra Barney in a silky black smock dress looking like the smoldering goddess she is. The fact that the crew spent the most time capturing her every move tells me Cass stole the show.

Other cast members include:
super model and makeup artist Danielle, a really cute skater boy (where the converse shoes come into play), haute couture model- Sabrina Squires, and Oliver-- who can eat anything and not have repercussions. lucky bleep.

Click here for Cass's version of events.

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