Sunday, August 05, 2007

don't read on if you can't stand a good sex scandal...

we took Farmer on a walk along the river. He's a water dog but oddly enough he refused to accompany us down the steep hill to the river... where there's WATER... that he LOVES. O'lover and I proceeded down the ravine and after much futile coaxing, calling, whistling and demanding that Farmer join us, we climbed back up the hill to see what the blasted stubborn dog was distracted by. We finally found him... in the bushes...interrupting a couple who had been... uhhh...mid love session...this is WAY WORSE than walking in on someone using the loo, and way worse than the time that someone tried to join me in a private shower stall at the temple. Amidst many "sorries" we got Farmer the hell out of there so fast, that I'm still wondering was he policing the couple? do we have a chaperone doggie? or was he trying to get in on the love fest? I will give the couple credit for at least trying to get it down in the bushes rather than on the bridge or at the side of the freeway, or on top of a table at Borders.

Changing gears to reverse and putting the pedal to the metal, here's what happened this last weekend:

I learned that LeeAnn and Mark Hillam are moving to the land of "Laverne and Shirley" AKA Milwaukee. In their defense... it's just too great of an opportunity to pass up and who knows, maybe they'll come back in a few years.
I grew up in the midwest/great lakes area and can testify to its beautiful glimmering waters, super nice people, and fascinating art filled cities. It will be a great thing for the Hillams, even though i'm personally sour about it. Especially after our conversation late Friday night. LeeAnn, you make me LAUGH so hard and I love your views on everything.
This is a pic of the Hillam's workshop. Mark is an amazing salvager of all well crafted pioneer home elements. READER: If you need any cool old doors, windows, columns, etc. contact me or the hillams. they will set you up!
Friday was the Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll! Here's a pic of Zina Bennion, a faithful attendee, and Leland Rowley and Ashley Christensen, the devoted Directors. A public service announcement was running on KUER this weekend about the big G110 fundraiser coming up on August 11th. They're closing the street and turning the fundraiser into a riot party. so please come!
Matt and Hillary Shurtleff standing in front of Matt's art. I first knew them from climbing, then G110 and then Hillary taught yoga at my house and probably has the best natural posture ever. They served peanut butter bars at the reception (amongst many other treats). sooo divine. matt, if you need a place to store your paintings...
This is the fine artist, Fidelus Beuhler. He's a big guy so it's hard to tell that the wrestling match painting is really much bigger than it looks in this pic.


Cassandra Barney said...

Queliscious- I too am mourning the Hillams departure especially because I just got here and was looking forward to lots of laughs and good times with those charming folks. Sigh...
Dan and I promise to come out of our house as soon as we can find our way through the maze of boxes.

ZLB said...

i'm so flattered to have made it on your loverly blog my dear. such a treat to see you both there!
p.s. check mine for a pic that is long over due to you

sue-donym said...

Sad I missed the Gallery Stroll. See you next month.

I never see ANYTHING that interesting on the river trail.