Friday, August 03, 2007

Dear People,

It's Emo Friday! (really every day is "emo"tion(al) but right this second i'm practicing restraint by limiting it to Friday.) O'lover taught me how to use google calendar. And for kicks every day has been assigned a blog theme. Yesterday was garden update day but...the garden is just fine, that's it.

Please answer the poll on the side bar. I want to know how you FEEL!

If the provided answers aren't enough then add a comment. The poll ends on the 10th. Your answers are valuable to me.


p.s. you can now post a comment without being a registered blogger
(changed the comments settings).

1 comment:

wendyhc said...

upfront truth for me, please. unless i'm having a particularly emotional day, then i'll take a fib if it saves my feelings. is that fickle or what? :)