Friday, August 03, 2007

the honeymoon is over...

The limitations of blogger (poll feature is KAPUT) have been revealed to me but I’ll
still post because
a) I’ve been magically
bound to blogger, it’s like a marriage, only we didn’t date first, i don't remember the ceremony, and I didn’t know I was committing to post in sickness and in health…for richer or poorer…for dull or dramatic
nothing is more disappointing for me than checking my friends' blogs to find no new posts… Except for the blogger poll feature not working--that's devastating! J/k
It serves them right that the invisible Blogger Techies have been inundated with irate e-mails about the polls being down. i can sense the pitiable techies scurrying about, madly trying to figure out why the css code has failed them, and
collectively pulling out their hair! I know the exact feeling as i've wasted HOURS messing with the code trying to alter the template (stripes in my background, please)... to no avail...Well, Help, i won't add to your heap of crabby e-mails, especially since this great service is FREE (i think...i didn't actually read the fine print).Help's only answer is to take out the poll code...but i'm hoping that the kinks will get worked out and multiple choice answers to the posed question will reappear.

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