Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i've been experiencing writer's ... what's it called? oh yeah "block" writer's block...where i can't remember...what are they? oh yeah "words"... cause sometimes its all about the...sensations.

like walking the dog tonight, in the dark. and feeling every puff of air tickle me. and the hairs on my arms are standing at attention as if someone is slowly passing their hand a few millimeters above what i should be able to feel...stroking my aura. in the lamplight the moths and mosquitoes do fly-bys and their fluttering wings kiss my ears and neck…and under the trees spider webs reach down and barely grab my hair, rearranging my bangs ever so slightly…and the hairs on my arms and now my entire body are all standing at attention...saluting the night sensationsRED ALERTRED ALERT…and finally all of this sends me into a colossal itch frenzy like no other colossal itch frenzy…except for perhaps oliver’s simultaneous itch frenzy…and I feel like I will go mad if I have to endure one more nano second of all this itching!

But we’re able to frantically scratch each other’s itches (yay for ollie’s long guitar plucking fingernails) until our burning raw skin has been rendered incapable of feeling anything but burning and raw. And we awaken from this all-consuming itch event startled to find ourselves on the sidewalk. in front of a house with a darkened porch. full of socializing BYU students who had stopped their conversations mid-sentence in order to watch our apparently indecent public display of frenzy.

one good thing about an itch frenzy is i think i may have found some of those slippery words that were hiding behind a mega giant block!

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