Tuesday, August 14, 2007

O'lover is working late tonight and I'm feeling especially clingy so I'm not even going to attempt sleep without him. that would end up being me laying on my back staring at the dead mosquito bodies smashed on the ceiling just out of reach. i'll need a ladder to clean up the battlefield.

this post will be flitting all over the place. consider yourselves forewarned.

note to self: blogging should never induce anxiety.
note to self: Phew! now you tell me. what a relief.
note to self: don't even try to make sense.
note to self: sense make not wha...?
flanked by sweetie pies

i've always worked with susans. i had susan kb and then she moved and i had susan b and then she resigned and I was sad and miss her sooo much and now susan kb moved back.

here is susan kb with brad b and the big A.
brad and susan are a good team. here they're suggesting that the big A look at the camera.
and the big A looks! Ta Da!
Susan kb is an empathetic person. She is a natural. she's got mom skills. i like watching her be a mom.

Susan B is a good mom too. i always think of her daughter as "the Princess" because she looks like one but she doesn't act like one. The Princess acts like a hilarious sweet girl. Man that kid's being raised RIGHT. I bet Susan B and the Princess are tan from all that lounging that they're supposed to be doing before school starts like next week. hurry and lounge chicas!

Second blog bonus of the day:
being so embarrassed that anybody in the blogoshere could potentially find out that i haven't cleaned my bedroom's bloodbathed mosquito ceiling yet. Oh the shame! Enough to spur me into action and go out into the dark, knock about in my in-laws shed next door and get the blasted ladder.

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sue-donym said...

We are lounging and loving it! I wish summer would never end.

And I miss you too.