Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Brrrrr....it's chilly and we're acclimating cold turkey. We've always turned our heater on in September. But this year...one of us (please say it wasn't me!) decided we'd be bad ass enough to forgo this modern convenience (until October). And for my niece and nephew, who remember exactly what page there was a mild swear word in Harry Potter, remember that your Auntie Quellie's icy fingers DEMAND a curse. Your pops will explain.

Onto a warmer topic...one of the perks of being married to the lover is a daily update on what the stars and moon are up to, play by play. And some of it is sinking in. For the next couple of days while the moon grows full Demeter mournfully bids farewell to her daughter Persephone who rejoins the dark handsome Hades in the underworld.

I too must say goodbye. To the hot weather that is, and to the brazilian hammocks which provided comfort all summer long.

O'lover, it's going to take A LOT of your hot chocolate to get me through this winter.

p.s. i did a wheelie on that cute motorcycle today. it was mostly intentional...

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wendyhcd said...

you Argentine beauty, you. love this pic of you, and love the idea of you enjoying summer in that hammock. your life inspires me. but i think i should stop visiting your blog so much. it makes me miss you like crazy! and the blissful days i spent at Art Front with you. (but you know i'll be back tomorrow. i'm addicted to enchanting Raquel. and Ollie's comments about you are melt-your-heart sweet. so glad you guys have each other!)