Tuesday, September 25, 2007

seems like forever ago
now that i'm in bed
with two heavy duty comforters providing a foot of downy loft
with icarus nobel, my prized cat, pressing her paws in my ear
and a heavy breathing husband deservedly sleeping soundly by my side

but today i learned how to ride a motorcycle.

after a lifetime of being a very willing passenger it's nice to be able to DRIVE.

thanks reo, for the lesson, and for offering me the bullet bike next. =)


Cassandra Barney said...

You are so cool I can't stand it.

Quel said...

Hi Cass,

Did you see my beckoning hand in that pic? Come on, let's go. Road trip!

Mossie said...

I learned how to ride a bicycle at age 27. My next goal is to feel comfortable enough on two wheels to go with a motor. And then? The possibilities are endless.

Congrats to you!