Sunday, September 23, 2007

it's been a month condensed into a week. is there a clinical term for a "life on fast forward" hangover?

The Sego Arts Festival was fun.
James put me on top of his shoulders so i could take this pic.
Teresa Becca Lou

the next morning we were tired but pleased. O'lover's bed head. he said something hilarious about "maintaining plausible deniability." i was (and still am) too groggy to know what he's talking about but those funny words are still kicking around in my head.
We had our breakfast yerba mate in Greg Caldwell's cups.
Then we did yoga. and i dreamt about a small cave in India with my name on it.

later i took a brief refuge upstairs. really i was there to vacuum.


by Marsha Ellis
by Alecia Maher
by rachel farmer
One of Brigham's wives by Anne Gregerson.

it's true.

well, this travelogue is the post that almost didn't happen...YAWN...eyes involuntarily closing...


sue-donym said...

Why are you and T flashing gang signs?

Cassandra Barney said...

If you have a theft and your dolls are missing, it's probably me.

Quel said...

S- didn't know your staff members are gangsters?

The three fingers stand for "w" which stands for "wagon" which is what we were sitting in because there was no where else to sit and it had been a very long day.