Monday, September 24, 2007

the nights are now longer than the days

i observed the autumnal equinox... watching King of the Hill at the home despot. i wish bobby were my kid i really do. i'd be so proud.
later the gents worked on our lighting. i can't stop flicking light switches in utter amazement. flick- off...flick-on...flick off...blessed be.
liz and I (mostly liz) made hot apple cider in the fort. she added bengal spice tea to the brew. beyond wow. raw melissa brought her kids over for a bonfire and told us about a local giant fir tree that we gotta visit. (btw, melissa makes the rockinest coconut macaroons. o'lover and i have been buying her raw lime and chocolate tortes for our friends' birthdays for a long time.) and then...

after the reo and ollie fire side concert...the torrential rain that doused our party...a long bath...

O'lover brought me a steaming cup of his famous elixir,
hot chocolate made from scratch.
hot chocolate with a voice
and as we sipped it mindfully,
it whispered...
promises of a comfortable autumn and winter...
and someday not too soon and not to far away...spring.

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