Wednesday, October 03, 2007

according to the weather forecast for our zip code, Friday night will be the big freeze. so ready or not...we've picked everything. including itty bitty watermelons. i was sadly sure that size mattered and they'd end up in the compost bin. we tried one for dinner anyway. lo and behold...SIZE DOESN'T MATTER after all! That melon was ripe and flavorful and we had juice dripping down our greedy faces.

Here are some leftovers after we invited friends to play "pumpkin patch" at the Smith Callis's.
If i had a really nice camera and some training these glorious "fruits of the soil's labor" would have softened light and halos around them. Please pretend.

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Shannon said...

I try often to leave comments on your blog, to no avail. will it work today? Love the manure story. I have never needed the fresh. We did have a whole load dumped at our house several years ago, my first garden year here. Did we ever have flies that summer. Enjoy the stench.