Thursday, October 04, 2007

the best thing just happened! i opened a carton of Alden's vanilla-hum-drum-bean ice cream, while muttering under my breath about why do we own background ice cream... when...dismay!'s really mislabeled chocolate! my life just went from i'm growing a migraine and will my gray misery know no end? to singing and counting my remastered full color blessings! i'm so glad the misunderstood chocolate ice cream made it to the right home...where it can be fully appreciated.

and now on to why i am in need of ice cream therapy and a truckload of forgiveness...

it all began with wanting a lot of poop. i'd been sourcing cow manure (needs to be fresh!) for two days. phone calls (even to the spanish fork chamber of commerce who laughed at me and said they'd never been asked for cow dung for the books) and visits that had us u-turning from salem to palmyra. when finally, we got our pure wet dung, clouds of flies free of charge.
it runs in my family that if you're getting your picture taken, you S M I L E as if you don't have a massive head ache accompanied by shit stench forever imprinted in your nostrils. is there a way to sever my olfactory receptors... where's my sautering knife? (Tam Tam are there such things as olfactory receptors?)

so o'lover had to go to salt lake for work and i'm supposed to be emptying the trailer. because i'm tough and because i HAD TO HAVE all this cow manure for our plaster mix. one wheelbarrow and test application later and i'm hiding in the house...wondering if i can be my own hero or if the lover will come to my rescue. forgive me lover!

earlier, my faux wellie and the friendly dairy dog's tongue strike a pose and share a shade.


andi said...

BRAVA, RAQUEL, BRAVA! and I am coming over for icecream.

Quel said...

hey andi, our freezer is stocked. i'm thinking haagen-dazs in one hand and hot chocolate in the other.

Cassandra Barney said...

I'm felting today...thought of you! C

Quel said...

i'm having a poop party today and did not think of you. but i'm sure you could sling cow dung with the best of them. if you want to try your hand...=)