Saturday, October 13, 2007

Baffled and Pleased
Usually O'lover does what I want. If i want him to give me an enema... Ok just kidding. but he does give me methylcobalamin shots in the butt, ok really upper hip. the guy runs circles around me. he's still going strong long after i've capped my day with doing the dishes and putting in the last load of laundry.

for instance, today while i was leisurely making smoothies he efficiently emptied out my three clothes closets, sorting out weird things like a framed tiny brian kershisnik painting that had been hiding amongst my shawls, a mike mahoney bowl, and a very well articulated plastic man wearing blue swimming trunks. don't ask.

So i brought O'lover a smoothie, climbed over the mountain ranges of clothes piled on our bed and nestled amongst some pillows to watch O'lover perform the feat called operation organizing Raquel's clothes. meanwhile i was going to write a post about how i'm going to invent some friends to comment on my blog and say nice things to me like "Raquel, you are so NOT narcissistic." or "Raquel, we're coming over to braid your hair into cornrows" or... but all that was rudely interrupted by the alien who has taken possession of my lover's body.

"OK, Raquel. you know how i just made a blank canvas for you?" and he pointed at my now empty closets.

"You mean for you?" I asked.

"well, now that i've cleared out your closets you can put everything back in but i'd recommend wiping your shelves down with a wet rag first."

And he left. just like that.

and now i'm STUNNED. Oliver usually does things for me, what are the implications of this mutiny? This task was nowhere on my Saturday to-do list, but i'm adaptable...i mean, i can sleep anywhere, under any conditions, like by the side of the road, or on a slanted rooftop or WHEREVER I LAND. certainly tonight i can curl up with all these hangers.

But then Oliver just called to me from upstairs and announced that he's researching more about tantric love, and gosh darn it if i won't have this bed cleared off as fast as you can say SIGN ME UP AND I"M THERE.


d/b/c/m said...

totally made me laugh! and as for your imaginary commenters they will have to be very confident. i, personally, am a bit intimidated to comment because your life seems like such a blissful bubble and i don't dare touch it...

Urban Harvester said...

Hey, you're the one who said you needed to reconnect to your space by organizing and cleaning things yourself... Since I've been on this fall organization track, I figured I'd give you a kick in the but - or was that a shot? And by the way, I also found our yoga dvd buried underneath a pile of my t-shits in between a couple of baskets in the back of one of your closets, and I thought we could do yoga today. Although you'd have to unbury yourself from the remaining mountain of clothes we slept under last night (good job by the way, you worked remarkably quickly, normally it would have taken at least a couple of days for you to get as far as you did...:)

Quel said...

hi brooke- thanks for your kind words. as for you...i described you to my husband as the girl who is hard to stand next to because she's so freaking GORGEOUS. =)

Quel said...

ok, ollie, i only published your comment because comments are like hanging out at the beach for me and . and because i do unfortunately remember saying i wanted to organize stuff myself. but i said that A LONG TIME AGO, like a whole week and you very well know that my opinions aren't set in stone and the memory of those opinions are slippery at best. so can you come home and help me now?

AzĂșcar said...

Raquel, I totally know you. At least, you look completely familiar and I can't quite place you but I know that I know you. Maybe it really is the BYU Art Department? Or one of the hundreds of parties we attended with the same people who we never knew their names? Yes, Whitney B., Cindy, Shakes, etc. Student Review?

You don't even want to know how massive the pile of clothes is in my bedroom to be put away. I think I have constipation of laundry.

sue-donym said...

I am shocked and dismayed by this post. Oliver! You know how fragile she is. (Has he been watching clean house again?)

BTW - Oliver said t-shits.

Quel said...

Hi sue-donym, i'm so glad you caught the missing "r". I love it when people swear. especially inadvertently. you're right. i'm fragile but recovering from the mutiny with treats. lots of treats.

luminainfinite said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is such a beautiful post, slice of your blissful bubble life. O-lover is my hero and constantly adds points on my list of qualities for my fantasy lover I have created who is coming to me as we speak.
ha ha ha.. I love this post..I love this post....I love this post!