Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last night AJ and I attended the Utah Humanities lecture by artist Tony Ryder.
This is a painting Tony did of his wife Celeste.
And a model named Justine.
Tony was an open book about his palette, his process, he was generous with his hard earned secrets! I feel as if i've taken part in a master's atelier. This makes me very excited to try some new techniques in my own painting. soon.


d/b/c/m said...

Lordie, those are amazing.

Dare I say i like them better than Vermeer? (there are SO bold!) or would it just be stupid to compare. I think the latter... I'll just stick with THEY ARE AMAZING!

Urban Harvester said...

These are incredibly gorgeous, I wish I had gone now. Do you know if he has a website? He really creates an incredible atmosphere.

Sue said...

These are PAINTINGS? I'm in awe.

Mossie said...

Oh! For five years I worked for the Utah Humanities Council before going back to graduate school. UHC's programming is impressive and I'm so happy to read about it on a blog!