Saturday, October 06, 2007

Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll - Every First Friday

The highlight of the evening was meeting artist A.D. Maddox from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her oil paintings of large fish (like the one eating my head) are currently being shown at Coleman Studios.
I found out that A.D. is a model for Ducati Motorcycles. And she knows the producers and instructors for my favorite show- yogatoday.
And the fact that A.D. straps wet canvasses to the front of her red Ducati and collects the bug splats that she gets from going 120 miles an hour...that's the sexy icing on a true original american cake.

The textile show at the Covey Center for the Arts was diverse and enjoyable. I love being inspired by fabric!
But...shhhhhhh... and a quick scan to see if anyone is within earshot...
this pounding wrecked heart beats loudest for Gallery OneTen. Their Coney Island Show by Zach Taylor was fun. (sorry no pics).

And damn my concrete shoes and lead pants but when we drove past Terra Nova and the Utah County Gallery the windows were dark. It was past closing. Three hours are never enough for me to make the rounds.

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