Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last night buckminster fuller was on my mind. he left a life of privilege and everything he knew to live in the ghettos of chicago for a couple of years. he sought a new way of speaking and thinking.

and i thought, "Me too!"

so i packed my bag, borrowing a bivey sac from the stikas, left my cozy home on a cold rainy night and headed for the hills. oliver, riding his bike, caught up with me twice. once to give me some raw melissa coconut macaroons and once to bring me our large puppy Farmer.

later, with farmer off his leash roaming, i was on my own. far above the buzzing power lines with a very exposed view of the city i laid out my bed ready to snore and dream a new vocabulary. but where's farmer?

Farmerrrrrr! FAAAAAAARMER!

tromping all over the dark mountain, through the drizzle, looking for the over-stimulated bugger... i discovered him rejoicing over a carcass. yum. way past the normal hour of slumber i tugged him over steep hills back to my bed perch where i mistakingly thought he could SLEEP. what i quickly learned is that Farmer needed his own pad and blankie, and cover from the rain, and more drinking water. and since i wasn't going to snuggle with a bloody carnage mouthed dog we went home.

to a very happily surprised O'lover and a very warm bed and a promptly fresh minty-breathed Farmer. (don't worry, we didn't listerine burn his taste buds.)

but Bucky Fuller, you're still in my thoughts...

p.s. i found this cool pic of Y-mount on a ufo site! click on the link and then do a search for "Provo" . the article claims the blur is evidence of alien visitation and that the Y, with all of its symbolic meanings, is a clarion call to aliens. Do you know what this means?! I could have been abducted on Y-mount last night! Farmer saved us! hee hee hee heee. huh, actually DARN i could have definitely learned a new vernacular amongst the 3 eyed green folk. another missed opportunity... =)

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andi said...

About that "Y" ... I once had a boyfriend from Italy that curiously thought Mormons had little faith in God's navigational skills. The only reason he could muster for a VERY large letter on the mountains was so God would know exactly where to drop down all the things those pesky Mormons kept asking for.

I say the blur is really a blessing dropping from heaven that is stratigically guided by the great and powerful Y. Maybe it is "moisture".