Wednesday, October 17, 2007

been waiting for a settled time to finally tell you...
you won't find me hanging out in this windowless office anymore.

the scariest thing ever is quitting the rockinest job you've had. the dream job. the job in your field with the coolest co-workers in a positive atmosphere that allowed and encouraged being VISIONARY. the job that had you marvel, how did i get so lucky to land this rare & important job?

but i did get that lucky and i did quit. quietly announced 9 days ago, effective TODAY.

i'm super proud. before me this position didn't exist and the public arts program is now a crucial part of the downtown Provo revitalization. someone with fresh blood can take over. they can pour their heart and soul into it and make the art scene in Provo continuously better!

i'm super relieved. there are excellent things on the horizon. i'm inspired by the future.

and the truth is i'm not so scared. (what's way more frightening is not listening to your Fierce Guiding Self and sticking with a job you know you need to leave behind.)

the blur galloping off into the unknown

p.s. not to water down the fact that i quit...and not to diminish the awesome fact that i'm jobless...and definitely not to comfort those poor unimaginative practical souls who would ask "how are you going to pay your bills?"...but i'll still be consulting on a project by project basis.

Many thanks to Char, the interim director, and all of the active members of the Downtown Alliance committees and board of directors. Much love and appreciation to Susan Bradford for believing in art (and me!) and to Teresa. You guys rock and withdrawals from every day interaction with you are rough!


james said...


so now I have a new habit, here at gritty pretty

james said...

so now if i stop by your house in the middle of the day you will be there? looks like the world just got a little better

james said...

so when I stop by your house in the middle of the day you will be there? oh happy day

james said...

Ok I finally see what is going on I keep writing things and they do not show up... but up there at the top of the page it says raq has to approve...

Urban Harvester said...

the momentous moment dawns upon the blogosphere. You are such an incredibly hard worker. You have given so much of your blood, sweat, tears, stress and energy to creating a vibrant downtown Provo! You have accomplished so much. Your time for some recuperation and self actualization is well earned.
i LOVE you!

sue-donym said...

Sniff, sniff. Downtown Provo is losing one of it's greatest assets.

I hope you will continue to pour your passions into those things that make you happy and that make the world a better place to be in. Because THAT is what you are good at.

I miss you.

The Fam said...

I second sue's comment--everytime we're downtown we say "That cool thing must be due to Raquel." Your impact is very noticeable downtown. But of course you will be on to new amazing adventures.

AzĂșcar said...

You are so brave.