Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We've neared the final hour before the city council decision on my job! Will they choose fabulous public art, flower baskets, and parties in the street? or will they listen to Mr. Burns (not his real name, think the Simpsons) and his miserly compadres? regardless of the argument details, tonight promises to be a bloodbath at the city council chambers. at least some sanity is guaranteed by the presence of councilwoman cindy clark (her real name).

if you're up to witnessing the verbal fisticuffs come to 400 west center street at 7 pm tonight. or you can watch from the comfort of your home on channel 1 or 17.

Let the good times roll!

p.s. the good news is that at 8:30 this morning the Provo Housing Authority board of directors gave their stamp of approval on pursuing the next phase of the artist live/work space! YAY!!! we may soon be calling on you artist/musician folk to give your priceless input.


Urban Harvester said...

Go Downtown Alliance!!!
Yay for the Live-Work Art Space!
Raquel, good work!
Confundis charms upon those hazardly Burns'! May their tongues lock and eyes open to the true positiveness of the Downtown Alliance!

And thanks to the D.A. staff for all of the stress you bear to make our Downtown vibrant.

sue-donym said...

Keep up the good work. And if anyone calls the Alliance a dead horse again, I have two coconuts you can bang togther to show that how utterly rediculous that is.