Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the city council threw us a curve ball last night. we're tired, they're tired, everyone's tired. so the city will foot the bill that had previously been the responsibility of the business and property owners. thank you city council. we didn't see this coming but we're grateful.

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Urban Harvester said...

We need to get the entire council into the infirmary to have Madam Pomfrey administer some Skele-Grow because they seem to have had their spines removed. Either that or a certain group of anti D.A.'ers have imperiused them & are puppeteering them down the path of degradation and despair!

Please city council, wake up! You're throwing away what was the best way to effectively fund the only organization that has made any improvement (and a huge one at that)to our beloved city center. And shame on you for your two faced answers and lip service.