Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Reader,
Do you have any friends that in your eyes could ne'er do wrong? That no matter WHAT you ADORE them?
Well, my talented, brilliant, and idealistic friend Ardell has merited "pedestal status" for ETERNITY.

Ardell has probably had more influence on me than just about anybody.
If she says, "start composting" I say "how high." haha.
no really.
If Ardell says "plastic is tacky." I say, "hmmm...a wooden toothbrush. right on. "
I can trace many of my favorite habits and preferences back to Ardell.
A free lance editor by trade, she places emphasis on organization and coordination of everything. If Ardell takes you under her wing, your paper/manual/whatever will read flawlessly and she will facilitate breakthroughs you never imagined possible. I wish I could take a peek in her brain to see how she's filed away all those hundreds of dissertations she's written cough cough i mean "edited." I swear, she deserves some honorary degrees for her rewriting cough cough i mean "editing."
Thanks to Andi, for hosting the very fun Ardell-is-in-town party.
In this pic Ardell has just earnestly sought input on an OCD color project she's doing.
This is her precious daughter with moi. Darling Miss M was born the day before Gallery OneTen opened its doors. It's how I remember the age of the gallery.
Ardell lives on six steep acres in a tall house in a narrow Colorado canyon. Very picturesque.
If Ardell's location choice could be settled by a good game of tug of war... I would win! because no matter what i would not let go of my end of the rope until she was BACK because...I wish Ardell were around always.

girl tearing up the cottage looking for a non blurry pic of Ardell to accompany this post.


dmt said...

not to mention Ardell is a fine dancer...light as a feather. Here's to you, Ardell, and your lovely little girl!

AzĂșcar said...

Is that Kierstin? or Kristen? in the picture with Ardell?

Quel said...

dmt, true! she's got moves.

azucar, You know Kirsten? another connection then!

luminainfinite said...

I was here and read and wished I knew Ardell, and enjoyed her through you.


Lois said...

Loved this.

I have friends that always make me happy. No matter what they say, I just laugh and smile. I love friends like that.

Geo said...

I love to window peek at solid friendships like this. You're both grand!

Annalisa said...

Hey its fun to see pic of sweet Maya w/you! Love Ardell through and through, wish she were around all the time too!

d/b/c/m said...

there is an overabundance of cool girls there (which has resulted in me feeling sorry for myself here...)

so glad you ban together.

sue-donym said...

I want to play at your house.

AzĂșcar said...

I do know Kirsten! Her and the two lovely babies! I met her and Geo at a party given by Emily nee Shakespeare. It also turns out that Kirsten's mom moved down the street from my parents a few years ago.

That's it, I think we're just all going to have to meet for dinner or something.

Quel said...

hey dbcm,
i would love it if you were here.

come on over!

kirsten now has THREE babies. all adorable. and yes dinner is a must.

andi said...

I just posted a non-blurry picture of Ardell that you are welcome to. Thanks for doing all the work on this post. AND thanks for the amazing rubbarb cobbler.