Saturday, December 01, 2007

We're going to have a simple holiday. We haven't even put up a tree. Our new tradition is to slow down. almost to a metabolic halt.
image from the New York Times Thanks to RH who recently sent me a link to this article.

In the old days, when humans were in sync with the seasons, before the madness of alarm clocks and every hour of every day needing to be accounted for, people would pile up with each other and their live stock and snooze away the winter months. Fast forward a bunch of years later and i for one am still feeling the lure of hibernation. My strong impulse is to squirrel a medley of nuts in my cheeks and bury myself in the hay with anything that gives off some heat.

It's time for a big SLEEP!

And big dreams. And losing oneself in the flow of music, art, anything, without regard for schedules and lists.

Last night, O'lover and I went to the Messiah Sing-In. I got caught up in the truths of all those exquisitely expressed notes of music. The heroic journey of both Christ and Handel (the composer) renews my faith in suffering, in emotion, in hallelujahs, and riding the waves of it all. And by the last "amen" I felt like i had been granted a bonus life time.
Walking home from the concert...pretty, ey?



Geo said...

That's what we're shooting for too. Simple = divine.

d/b/c/m said...

ah, so enticing...

the snow picture has me wistful for utah.

sue-donym said...

That snow picture made me wistful for downtown Provo.

But just a little bit.