Saturday, January 05, 2008

fat slice of yesterday. drank "throat coat" tea at breakfast.
entire body is feeling it from snowboarding session with O'lover the day before.
thought about infatuation with hugh laurie (started loving him pre- dr. house when he played wooster).
thought about diagnostics.
thought about how andi is a fabulous mom.

at work helped Jen Harmon Allen dismantle her show.
scoped out potential sites for a bronze sculpture that Jen's planning. her son jack loved the inside of the covey arts center in a be-still-my-beating-three-year-old-heart sort of way.

Below Jason Lanegan, is setting up his reliquaries.
made a really fast dinner. liver and onions. thought about how when i was younger there was no way the mashed potatoes wouldn't have been sculpted into towers and ponds. went to the gallery stroll. started with the nola dejong sullivan show. then back to the covey arts center. it's fine that male artists revere and explore the pregnant female form. But i'd so much rather see women artists -who are mothers - who know - sculpt what its like to BE pregnant. and i prefer the venus of willendorf.
at mode boutique.
jen suflita drew the above portrait directly on the wall.
itty bitty dog.

thought about how i love the quote on cass's blog header.
thought about how we all have untold stories.
smiling 'cause mystery and stories are pretty cool.


MamaCass said...

Dan bought me a Jason reliquary for Christmas...very beautiful. I want a Jen Harmen to add to my collection. And...maybe we should do a doll exchange. That would be fun.

d/b/c/m said...

Jen Harmon! Oh my goodness--what a blast from the past...we have time you see her tell her hi from brooke roberts. i'm so glad to see that she has added moving 3D to her creations.

tam said...

Bearing an untold story? Agony? I will call you about that. If one never knew bliss, would that be agony? I say no, but I think I'm missing something. (while getting the obvious.) I'll probably post again after re-reading that tomorrow. Did I mention that RaQ is MY sister and that I'm SO proud of her!!