Thursday, January 03, 2008

ringing in 2008!
On New Year's Eve we took a tiny break from our latest bout of construction projects for a fancy dress up party. We were there so we could see D/B/C/M in real life! (first time to meet the D and he is nice with great hair and lucky to have B who is just as otherworldly shockingly lovely as always and the C and the M...they are gentle and good souls, and immediately triggered gush mode. they are sooo cute!)

the house was dimmly lit, as you can see in this picture of legs. hopefully it was dark enough for no one to see the bits of joint compound and splatters of paint in my hair.
most of the time people were passing the guitar around and playing the songs they used to play before they got married and became responsible. i nudged O'lover and asked him when he was going to be in a band again.

and hmmmm...interrupting this story to ask again. "Oliver when are you going to be in a band again?!"

i don't think he can hear me.

but i might soon sound like a broken record. as i'll keep asking that question.

creating 2008-
just. want. to. drink. from the marrow. oh yeah. and have a rock star husband.


d/b/c/m said...

albeit too short and a little left-unsatisfied, i was to-the-core thrilled to see you and meet oliver. thank you, thank you for making the trip.
your life and focus and creative energies inspire me and i felt blessed to sit next to the source.

tam said...

You DO have a rock star husband!! And the two of you drop little rockstarlettes behind you--broken asses and all. Enchanting.

Quel said...

i am so excited to have you clarify that you don't think we poop out little miniature singers. haha. seesters unite!