Thursday, January 31, 2008

melancholia is spanking me big time. i know what i gotta do to climb out of the dark bleak pit. give up my addiction to shadow delving and well...sometimes a scorpio just can't give up the shadow delving.

So O'lover studied things out in his mind and then went shopping.

Here he's explaining the melancholia recovery strategy.
he bought some spices, some supplements, and my favorite...little red goji berries!
he also picked up some st. john's wort.
in my herbal pharmacology class at byu we were taught that st. john's wort plus chocolate causes hypertension.
i'm still life without chocolate even possible?
o'lover kept talking about adrenals and thyroid and mind/body connection and get this... A WOMAN"S CYCLE. for my husband being the oldest out of five brothers and zero sisters i am so proud that he can lay it all out about a woman's cycle. Thanks Ollie.


pamo said...

i sometimes quite enjoy melancholia.

my empanada recipe is from a williams sonoma cookbook, which are generally very good but if they don't turn out i'm asking you because i'm just assuming you know a more authentic way...

d/b/c/m said...

wow, you have an hombre to hold onto!!! (i guess you already know that, though).

seems we're in a similar state. i vacillate over going with it and and enjoying it, or fighting it and doing foreign things like exercise and stuff.

nevertheless, i send love and hugs.

Quel said...


the most authentic thing to do is make sure one of the empanadas is filled with cotton. no kidding. the person who bites into the cotton empanada is insured good luck. you want to be the one to bite into it. what's weird is that even though i've always known about the cotton empanada i'm still shocked when i bite into it, but them quickly appeased by the thought of all that SUERTE.

thx for the love and hugs and right back at you! really thanks. i can feel the sincerity and that means a lot.