Sunday, February 03, 2008

here's a glimpse of february's downtown provo gallery stroll...

we hit nine of the ten art venues last night. quite remarkable for me and my lounging, lingering self.

mr. ryan neely and his very fitting yoko and john shirt. byron and his fine paintings at coal umbrella.
ashley mae at metropolitan. sophie and i both bid on her beautiful art work for the silent auction. i hope we win!
ollie took this pic of sophie and me. we did the entire stroll *on foot* as the good god intended. with our canines hobo and farmer. i'd like to believe they are slightly more cultured because of it.
i hope to see you and your dawgs next first friday!

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d/b/c/m said...

i rarely feel envy, but a significant portion of those rarities occur while looking at your blog. this is one of those times.

we had an art walk once per month in long beach and i have soooo missed it since we moved three years ago.