Thursday, January 03, 2008

Still wringing out 2007

One of my favorite things about this last Christmas was that my mom

canceled the presents.

She felt inspired by the story of stuff. (a shout out to Suzy G who talks about the story of stuff on her blog.) I'm sure limited Christmas gift giving will resume next year. But for now, it was a relief. It felt heavenly to relax at home all together and not play bumper cars in the mall parking lot.

Torin did open one present. and was not interested. all he wanted was to check out the piano.

And my sister and i have a long standing tradition that whenever we're at each other's house we raid closets and cabinets and take what we like. everything is fair game. my ambition is to make sure i'm stocked with something she'll want! this time it was a pair of pants from mode boutique.

our favorite phrase this season was "regift!" as in don't you want to regift that box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts to me?

Now if only she would regift me Mr. T. but she's stingy that way.



Sue said...

My mom and brothers and sisters all agreed to stop exchanging presents a few years ago and it changed Christmas. It was great. Not having to worry about what to get them was so much better than any present anyone would have given me. We do a white elephant instead, speaking of regifting :>

sue-donym said...

I was packing up my christmas stuff the other day and.found. your. present. that. I. never. gave. you. So now I am embarrased but safe in knowing that I'm still waiting for my doll.