Thursday, February 07, 2008

it turns out i'm
a respecter of persons
even worse,
a stalker.

this is right before michelle obama shakes my hand.
after her inspiring speech in slc last monday.
her hand is very soft and thin.
my hand was clammy and in awe.

while in chicago last november i visited THEIR house. on their street there's an LDS chapel, then my friend kimmy's house, then a couple houses, then my favorite presidential candidate's house, then a jewish synagogue.

yes there were secret service agents watching me take this pic.

p.s. i'm a bit paranoid about THEIR safety and putting this image online but newsweek magazine beat me to it. they had an article with the pix of all the candidates luxurious "estates". this candidate is the only one with a "house". the article was trying to make a point.


AzĂșcar said...

I really wanted to go, but I can't miss El Guille's first day of school.

Maybe they'll come back?

andi said...

I am totally JEALOUS! How come I didn't know about this? Maybe I should start reading the paper.