Tuesday, February 05, 2008

lately i've been living way too much in my hard head and not enough in my soft mushy heart.

blame it on the art grants i'm writing for for work. i just wrote "for for". crud. what next? run-on sentences?
-please- for the love of laughing (and a return to having more than one thing -and one thing only- on my mind) please dear NEA grant awarders please make downtown provo your awardee. may there be soulful art on every public corner.
in the name of hesoos...amen.

one recent happening that put my head in the back seat was liz's dance concert at coleman studios. remember liz? as in happy liz and reo who parked their gypsy caravan in our back yard until this past month (they bought a beautiful house in the timpanogos neighborhood!!).

liz is a dance choreographer. like none other. kinda like how she's a naturalist/gardener/food preserver/dula. like none other. her rows of glass jars all lined-up and full of curried and fermented everything...well, they are prettiness in a pantry. like none other.

but her dancers. with their shamanic exotic moves. with their black eyes and wild hair...i went home feeling all tranced out and oh so soft and loving.

and for that. i am very thankful.

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sue-donym said...

I am praying to the grant gods for you.