Saturday, March 08, 2008

downtown provo gallery stroll

O'lover keeps reminding me how indebted i am to him.
it's very annoying.

(but i deserve it.)

we took our dog Farmer on the gallery stroll again. We're supposed to be taking turns waiting outside with the dog while the other one quickly looks at art and then comes back. The key words are "comes back". to trade off holding farmer tightly so he doesn't slather-lick kung fu kick every passerby.

but time has no meaning while looking at art. well, for me. o'lover, on the other hand, never leaves me in the cold for more than two minutes. and he always saves the last bite for me whenever we share food. and he always opens the car door. all the thoughtful courtesies.

and he never gets mad (at me.) unless we're designing something together in photoshop and then he threatens to dangle me out the second story window.

Yay for thoughtful people!

and i don't know if this is for good or ill but i think i'm rubbing off on him. he's more demanding and has a lower tolerance for the high maintenance folk of the world. So when O'lover is reminding me that i owe him big time...

i'm annoyed. but also secretly ECSTATIC that i can't get away with everything.

(maybe this would make sense if you personally knew us?)


back to losing track of time because i'm having such a freaking fabulous time on the best evening of the month...

Mike Kelley (from college), Danny (a fellow PHS alum), and gorgeous Kim (Mike's wife whom i've only met briefly twice but who exudes coolness). Mike and I were able to gossip about some Krazy Kids we know. good times.
Cindy writes a great blog that takes you on all sorts of clever adventures. in fact because of her jet set ways, and my avid reading of her blog, i just got back from a fabulous month in England (but she's the one with the jet lag).
Ruel is-debonair Brown. We took a pic of me standing next to him but if i posted it you'd think i was eighteen inches tall when really it's Ruel who is exceedingly large of stature. He made Monsters Rule at Mode Boutique. It's up for the rest of the month. Please check it out!! Some people have the prettiest shoes...(those people are cindy and janelle.)
This was the last pic before my camera's battery gave up the ghost. I took it while waiting outside with the dog while O'lover was sprinting through the gallery so he could then relieve me from my wiggly social doggy duties.

next gallery stroll we are getting a dog sitter.


Danny said...

Sorry I shoved myself in that picture. I thought it was Mike and Kim's camera! How gauche!

Quel said...

danny, are you kidding? i totally wanted you in that pic! I'm so glad that you reminded me how we know each other!

Oliver said...

you know that I prize your capacity for being outside of time right?... Just thought I should remind you of that fact.

Although Farmer and I had our moments outside in the freezing cold, longing to be inside the warm, jovial art gallery(ies), they didn't last long before we lapsed back into vicious tug of wars, and hearty wrestling matches. We knew you were just having a good time too.

So, as long as I still get that back massage, I think you can stop worrying about how you "forgot" us.

Quel said...

thanks o'lover.

d/b/c/m said...

these gallery stroll posts always make me grit my teeth a bit and think, "uuuuuugh! I want to be there, too!" add fun friends = chart topping envy.

susan said...

Don't forget Farmer's love of people's behinds...smelling and comparing the aromas. He is a true connoisseur.

I wish I could have seen everyone too! Farmer just recently sniffed my privies though, and I did see him in your car.

AzĂșcar said...

Hmm. I recognize that Danny.

OK, so truly? I am jealous that you got to see everyone and I was probably in the middle of some kind of drudgery. Maybe, if I want to see everyone, I should go on a stroll too.

Quel said...

Suz- it's his long snout that makes that behind-sniffing intolerable for me. it's like getting goosed and embarrassingly inhaled at the same time. i feel the pain. and its unforgettable. =)

azucar- my dream would be to see you at the next gallery stroll. i'm not brining my doggie but i hope you bring your kiddies.

sue-donym said...

I boycotted because the soup and bowl was not at 110.

When it gets warmer can we bring Farmer and Porthos and dine in the park together?

MEM (Mary) said...

Some plugs: If you or any of your friends get an urge to come up to Davis County, check out an Open House at the Lamplight Art Gallery at 170 South Main Street in Bountiful this Friday, March 14th from 6-9 p.m. where my dad (Tom Rogers) will be the featured artist. If you are also in the mood for authentic Indian cuisine check out A Bountiful Royal India restaurant nearby at 55 N. Main Street which is owned and operated by PHS alum Immanuel Shantukamr.

ZLB said...

lovely quel please send me that pic from said strolling night so i can post! p.s. lovely to see you three the other springish evening. . . too bad its snowing now!!

Madra said...

Well said.