Wednesday, May 07, 2008


when you can turn bad news into good news
that's alchemy!
aka "sheet mulching"

Dear Ollie,
Thank YOU
for always providing a richer, more nutrient-filled environment in every aspect of our lives.
And for preventing weedy growth.
And protecting me from soul erosion.
And for comparing everything to gardening.
Happy Birthday.


Urban Harvester said...


you are too kind.

... and a source of endless inspiration.

I love you.



Amber said...

Wonderful! I used up a TON of newspapers beginning to mulch around the new fruit trees. I love the thought of it being Alchemy.

Suzy said...


and Happy Birthday, Oliver!!

You guys are way too cute!

mirjam said...

I might have to drop in at some point and admire your garden. The snippets I get to see on your blog make it seem so lovely and productive...

djinn said...

Happy happy birthday Ollie dear

check out "hear, my dear..." an unappreciated Marvin Gaye classic, if you don't already know it...

If you do, I've got a copy of a Reverend Louis Overstreet album from the early 60's that's astonishing...trance gospel. The good Reverend on Electric guitar (cord running from the closest bar) with his four sons on various percussion instruments including a bass drum and washboard. His widow lives about a half mile away. Done bragging.

I will forever be in your debt for introducing me to Neutral Milk Hotel. Thanks thanks thanks.

djinn said...

Djinn again, a friend is trasferring the good rev. from vinyl to 0's and 1's so maybe I can douwnload some for you.

this is really an extended prologue to write you the couplet (actually, like "the castle anthrax" not a very nice name) that I just composed. Look away, it's rather blasphemous but, hey, I'm pushing 50, so it's time to break out.


Starts out as rape, ends in religion,
That's not a dove, sweetheart, it's a F*c*i*g pigeon.



Quel said...

mirjam! please stop by!

djinn, clever and blasphemous couplet. indeed.