Wednesday, May 14, 2008


last month the extraordinary Tess, our favorite mycelium fanaticist, gave us the thumbs up for eating the enormous mushrooms that have been springing up all over our beloved garden!! Tess says we're getting the mushrooms because the soil is very healthy.
*cheer* "Goooooooo...Dirt!"
these pics are from a few weeks ago. There have been scores and scores of mushrooms since.

caution: if you find mushrooms in your garden please have an expert identify them before consuming. mushrooms can be deadly.

BUT THEY CAN ALSO BE SUPREMELY YUM! (sautéed with some onion and a pat of butter)

i think this is the trippiest thing that has ever happened to me.

the abundance of the earth is stunning. we are well fed and content here at the cottage. (well rested is another matter.) =)

Below is a pic of my hard- working, tired, seriously, Ollie's mum took like five pictures and in every one ollie is sleepy-eyed.


tam said...

That is so cool! I want some! And "mushwombs" is very funny. (Not like anhydrosis.) Your garden LOVES YOU!

sue-donym said...

I love that you used the word "trippiest" when you talk about wild mushrooms.

Quel said...

"trippiest mushwombs" reminds me of late night conversations with my room mate Mary. That was back in the day when i was obsessed with the dead sea scrolls and john allegro's theories about religion being anciently born from psychedelics. Oh! and my friend had a friend who was tripping out on something when he surprised everyone by deciding to become religious.
Mary said "mushwomb" and i did a very religious painting of it.

marymary said...


And, if so, here I was thinking that mushwombs is a very clever post title and that I'd never heard the word before.

And I want to see the painting.

And your garden is inspirational.

And I could go for some of those old-timey conversations. Do you remember the dream I had after we talked about vegetarianism where I got to meet all the beautiful cows in the afterworld?

pamo said...

i really like your jacket in that last picture.

and congrats on the healthy soil. i have never had the compliment of spontaneous mushrooms in mine.

d/b/c/m said...

i'm currently dreaming of my own future mushroom-bearing dirt birthing a delicious portobello-like mushroom sandwich. mmmm. how amazing to live there!

james said...

Spring time at the urban homestead... even the soil loves it there and wants to contribute its part and not make you work for it. the earth is so abundant if we just let it be.

Brian said...

Just wandered over here from Andi's blog. Your soil is very exciting. This is my only my first year of gardening, but I think it's been in my blood. I've been reading everything of Wendell Berry's I can get my hands on. I think I want to be a gentleman farmer.
Thanks for the inspiration. I'm mystified by what you seem able to do with your compost.

Ann said...

Hi Raquel
It's Ann, Brian's wife. I once knew you through Andi when I was still Ann Hinckley.

And we hope for a good grape harvest this year. Our neighbor keeps bees in the little vineyard so usually the grapes go crazy. We have seedless red grapes that are ripe in August, white concord, concord, and another kind that makes a very cool purple jelly (I think they are actually an eating grape but have seeds). We will have to have you over for some concord grape pie as it is one of the most amazing pies ever. We will keep you in mind later this year.