Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Battlefield

Momma Mia has a green thumb. And she doesn't want to explain it. I don't know her secret gardening methods. And when pressed for details she'll just say she gives her plants LOVE.

Come on! *pout*

But maybe that's all she does. (I've caught her kissing her plants and yesterday she was kissing her pear tree.)

Sometimes I feel like a nursing mother. And i just want to hang out with the other nursing mothers and talk about the minutia of nursing. So I called La Leche League. I mean the USU Extension Services.

And i hooked up with horticulturist Meredith. She came over for an informal consult and i'm positively a buzz with her advice and different ways of seeing things. Because there are approximately ten million ways to plant a garden!

Oh what joy to discuss the life and death battle called gardening. What satisfaction to talk about crop rotation and online sources for supplies and sun angles and colony collapse disorder!! And different kinds of bug infestations and do you love how tall my sugar snap peas are? And what's your recipe for mint julep? YUM! And what in god's kingdom is growing out of my compost? And is it too early to register for the Diversified Agriculture Conference? And isn't that size of mulch so tacky?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *Relief*

A happy girl who is going to march back outside and take out my juniper bush so my poor little cantaloupes get more sun.

me and Meredith with some baby garlic



pamo said...

i'm really, just really so overwhelmed reading about your garden. even today i was all "i'm going to be like gritty pretty and i'm going to have a raging garden next year" but then i read this and remember that i honestly can't make anything but children grow.

Quel said...

and you do a spectacular job with those adorable babies.

and gardening is way easier than i'm making it sound. and very addictive. have i mentioned that i don't pull weeds (much). too busy for that.

Anonymous said...

Quel, You love gardening... and I love having a daughter that is so crazy about gardening! LLC, MM

d/b/c/m said...

great ananlogies. i was at my friend molly's house last night and we were fussing over her plants (we're both relegated to kajillions of planter boxes in the tiny spaces that we have)-- comparing, bragging and talking methods and i was thinking how it felt exactly like mom get-togethers at the park and how i feel the same nurturing intensity about my plants.

(ps. my sugar snap peas were super tall this year, too. i planted them right next to the chain link fence and they raced and stretched so high up it--but they seemed to peak and die a lot faster...???)