Monday, July 07, 2008

they were so ap"peel"ing

old news: Tom and Faye Parker asked me to run Provo's Farmers Market this year.

And what better way to promote the market and see almost everyone in the valley than to be in the 4th of July Parade?

We were the third entry, I hope you got to see it.
The loverly unruly produce: Caleb, Ryan, Chris, Ingrid, and Zina with Tom Parker as the farmer who tried to keep everyone in line. Wait where is Zina?

Ok, here's that carrot:

Our very social dog Farmer LOVED being in the parade because so many kids gave him attention. Isn't he the cutest hot dog?
Our wonderful friend Barbara, who comes to the farmers market every week riding her three-wheeler named "Cruisella", rode along. Thanks Barbara!
James and O'lover pulled the awesome rickshaws lent to us from Ollie's friend who used to run a rickshaw taxi service. Sami has a whole fleet.

my supportive husband.

p.s. Thanks to Chris for all the puns you kept shouting at the crowd. Hilarious. And i can still hear the crowd chanting "GO GRAPES" as Caleb grooved.

Here's a clip of Chris going bananas, you can see Ryan and Caleb shimmying in the background:


AzĂșcar said...

We had so much fun! Thank you!

Quel said...

azucar, it was wonderful to have you there. your boys are charming. i loved holding proximo. and your mom is crazy beautiful elegant.

Geo said...

Your true calling in life!