Monday, July 07, 2008

fullness of times

our cottage is right off the parade route and the freedom festival. Every year we feel like we're living in the quiet eye of the storm that is called the fourth of July in downtown Provo.

WE LOVE IT! Party On Provo!

Its kinda cool hearing the dull roar of the festivities outside while enjoying the privacy of our home, if only for a few minutes before heading back out.

for the last four years my friend Kena and I have been in charge of the free activities at the Tabernacle Park. It's nice to be able to tell visiting families that all of the activities are FREE.

We have so many pictures of kids rock climbing and doing arts and crafts but wouldn't you rather see the reptiles?
Here Shane just wrapped a snake around two kids who were standing back to back.
nerves of steel, i say.

Saturday was the farmers market. the highlight was when Suzy Gallup sang with our resident band, the Utah Ramblers. Suzy has the most beautiful voice!

with the farmers market, the freedom village, the parade, the gallery stroll, with several friends visiting from out-of-town, a birthday party, and biking uphill to the best view of the fireworks, this has been a "face plant weekend".

As in now that the fun is on pause, please-let-me-plant-my-face-in-that-pillow.


sue-donym said...

YOU make Provo awesome!!

marshall p said...

is suzi back in p-town or what?

pamo said...

hey i've been to a kids party where that shane reptile guy did a demo thing. really cool.

chiggyz said...

I'm so glad you got a picture of Suzy singing!!! That was so awesome to get to hear her and see her in action! I loved the Farmer's Market. I've enjoyed the spearmint tea that I got from you guys and the kale--yummy and delicious. I love my bag. You two are so awesome and yes--you make Provo awesome!!!

Suzy said...


Gosh, it was so fun hanging out with you on my trip. Just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to sing and for having us over! You are AWESOME!! And so is your husband!!!