Friday, July 11, 2008

the garden of eatin'

Our meals are simple. Here's a sampling:

eggs from the ladies

add the mushrooms, onions, garlic chives, turnip greens, oregano, sometimes topped with local cheese from the Redmond heritage Farms, and you have a tasty omelet to fuel the day.
lunch is always a salad. every day the salad is different. i believe this salad had oak leaf and buttercrunch lettuces with chopped sugar snap peas. If Ollie had made it there would definitely be some nasturtium blossoms in there. we love Annie's Cowgirl Ranch dressing and bought lots when it was on sale at good earth.
dinner is a repeat of lunch: salad! but occasionally dinner is only one or two ingredients: sugar snap peas (again!) and/or strawberries.
o'lover next to the peas.

Sometimes my hunger is on red alert because of straying too far from the garden; so when i come home i will hurriedly stuff my mouth with unwashed sugar snap peas and strawberries, two or three at a time. yep, so primal -and i might feel a tad abashed about my lack of table manners if i watched myself but hey no mirrors in this "cafeteria" .

and then we'll have strawberries again for desert, with milk.
usually in the treehouse.
as you already know, we buy some ready mades. Here's the Redmond milk (from the most beautiful grass fed cows, we're frequent visitors of the farm). Agave nectar and yerba mate. the little jar is the yogurt Ollie makes every week from the milk. He also makes cottage cheese but not so much lately.
meals depend on what's currently "on". today we'll have loads of apricots! (from the Cutries) and we had our first beans yesterday! We're watching the rest of those summer crops closely.

for the first time in forever, my food life is generally working for me. it's really nice to not be "under the weather" or downright sick all the time.

The backyard doth bestow.


pamo said...

oh wow, i'm very inspired! i mean really really excited about this post. thank you for sharing. i love it.

**do you feel mentally a little more sharp on this kind of diet? more energy?

Juliette said...

Okay, I hope you don't think I'm a stalker or anything, I just find your blog to be interesting... Anyway, I have a temperamental body, too, and it's nice to know there is someone out there that is on a stricter diet than me. Aside from raw vegans and a lady I once heard of who was allergic to everything except for corn and potatoes, you could win some kind of reward. Anyway, just thought I'd say hang in there, you are doing your body a lot of good.

PS Have you tried Annie's Goddess dressing? It's nothing short of heaven.

Geo said...


andi said...

I am SOOOOO moving in. I'll take the tree house and sleep walk to the strawberries every midnight.

Quel said...

pamo, yes! definitely more energy! as far as mental sharpness? i think i peaked in fifth grade and no amount of nutrition will bring that back!

juliette, thanks for the encouragement. my diet doesn't feel strict when i can go in my back yard and eat whatever I want. On the other hand it feels horribly deprivational if I go to a supermarket and basically can't eat 90% of what's there. i think most people have tempermental bodies and just have more patience with not feeling well? i don't know.

geo, thanks sister. we need to discuss this in real life sometime.

andi, we're putting in a zipline from the treehouse so your midnight jaunt will actually be a midnight flight! xo!

Suzy said...

Everything looks delicious!!!!!!! I'm still so excited about Redmond Farms and Real Foods! I want to get chickens!

Brian said...

Raw Milk? Is that legal? I want some! Where can I get it. I considered getting a time share cow when we lived in Indiana so I could have some to make clotted cream.
I hope I can come see your amazing garden in person someday. How do get peas this late in summer?