Saturday, July 12, 2008

He's okay but...

...Farmer (our dog) was ran over by a truck last Wednesday night.

He is healing. but has to stay immobilized for two weeks.

keeping farmer still and comfortable is a full time job.

one piece of good news:
his tail still works (thump thump thump) and boy howdy he loves company. so thanks to all the peeps who bring him treats. especially Ollie's attentive mum-with-the-big-heart who has a very special bond with Farmer.

the garden and all progress with the pond has come to a halt. (but the open house is still on for Sunday at dusk and Suzy & Craig Gallup will be here!)

this is what Ollie and I had for dinner last night:
it was a salad of savory herbs in a bed of mild greens. i closed my eyes and enjoyed every bite.

also, today Provo's Farmers Market has 59 booths! That breaks every record for our market even from past years at the height of harvesting season (another two months). YAY!!! I guess that's what happens when you' advertise in Provo's 4th of July Parade!
My hat found it's twin! My fashionable friend is the daughter of Demi from Demi's homemade granola.


Cindy said...

Oooo! I hope Farmer heals quickly. He's such a nice dog.

Geo said...

Hat twins! You're both lovely.

Healing thoughts to Farmer and lucrative thoughts to farmers.

courtneymcq said...

Lallah sends healing love and dog treats to Farmer and looks forward to a playdate soon. We missed you on Friday and hope to see you soon, too, although it was great to see Ollie. Come on down sometime.

andi said...

Just slip Farmer a little Kobucha in his water bowl and he will heal right up. Thanks, babe, for the WONDERFUL birthday surprise!!!! Next time I hope you can make it.

sue-donym said...

I'm so glad Farmer is ok. How was Sunday's gathering? Sorry we missed it.

Suzy said...

Your posts are always so beautiful!! That salad looks amazing.

Just wanted to send Farmer more wishes of health and recovery!!

Mister Brock said...

I'm sad about your dog, but its good that he is healing.
I am totally going to make one of those salads.
AND I need to find out how to setup a booth at the farmers market, it could be fun to do something there, I loved it when I went a couple of weeks ago.