Sunday, August 31, 2008

i really really like her... here she is again. this time with heirloom tomatoes- the runts of the abe lincolns and brandywine pinks that we sold at yesterday's farmers market. 2 rows deep.
bottling blisses me out. asian pears from mcmullin orchards are next.

painting update: buckling down. i love paint. the losing-track-of-time-and-space flow is happening. i'm mostly thinking about lusciousness and lick-ability and indignance and all the things i love. and i doubt i'll have a drop of paint left over.

and every time i agonize about friday's due date oliver orders "compost that stress" or asks "have you tossed your anxiety into Pluto's cauldron?".

i stick my tongue out at oliver a lot these days.

and mutter "compost THIS" (in a good natured way that may not translate well in a blog post)

and flip him off behind my back.


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Geo said...

Love it!