Friday, August 29, 2008

not even spandex and a cape could save me now

On the left we have a pigeon-toed superhero with ripe tomatillos; on the right we have O'lover cutting a panel of forest stewardship certified wood from the Home Despot.

behind the scenes we have mwah, painting faster than i've ever painted, thinking "wouldn't art professor Wulf Barsch shake his head at my current mantra 'more art faster'?"

but in my defense, i have a show on September 5th at Coal Umbrella, and have just gotten around to making the art.

it's necessary to fling paint like a whirling dervish.

our dog farmer just sat on one of the very wet paintings. his butt marks look kinda cool.


p.s. the superhero painting, a gift from Colby Stead. Thanks Colby! the tomatillos, courtesy of our garden.


Geo said...

Go, Raquel, go!

Cheli said...

I finally got a domesticated daughter! I am so glad you enjoy the same things I do. Now that you are done, could you come and help me with my peaches? LLC, MM