Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NieNie auctions

Design Mom has declared it...

Nie Nie Day!

All proceeds from 165 + auctions will go directly to the Stephanie & Christian Nielson fund.

Here's what we're auctioning:

A day, an evening, a night stay in the 3-story pirates nest, argh. It'll be all yours. Complete privacy, mosquito netting, hammocks, magical lanterns and white lights. Perfect place to propose, to repose, to compose, to conquer foes. A relaxing get away and yet you're within walking distance of La Dolce Vita. Better yet dine in! Order pizza and make them deliver to your ships ladder!

Designed by a general contracter, this enormous tree will wrap you up in a safe birds eye view of downtown Provo. There's a porch, a commodious lounge, and a sleeping loft.

And if there's a chill in the air just lower the pail-on-a-pulley and Ollie will load you a pot of his heavenly hot chocolate. You've got to see this place glow at night! In the leafy treetops!

Bidding ends on Sunday at midnight.
Please bid in full dollar increments.

more pics: (adorable kids and random items in photos not included. power available, and one bar of internet reception.)


Quel said...

i start at ten dollars.

marshall p said...


wendyhcd said...

what a great idea, Quel Quel. i'll be anxiously awaiting the news of who wins the auction and to learn of Stephanie and Christian's recovery. so nice of you to auction your tree home.

i'm hoping to see it in real life soon---Bryan and i will be in Provo for a short trip the weekend after Labor Day. can i see you?

Geo said...


Geo said...

Note from a busybody with a crush on your treehouse: Maybe it's a good idea to turn off the comment moderation just till the auction's over, so people can see what the latest bids are?

Quel said...

k, it's off! thanks geo!

Lisa said...


undefined said...

I found your blog while browsing the blogsphere, and I have to say I love it. Thanks for sharing your life -- and your food life -- with us!

Now that I've said that, questions about the tree house auction:

1- Is there a time limit on when we can use the night in the tree house? Or is the offer good until used?

2- How many will fit in the tree house, and will you mind a couple of kids?

Bid: $35!

La Yen said...

$45! I am thinking this will make a killer early Christmas present...

steve u. said...



Quel said...


no expiration date (barring life path surprises.)

children are welcome.

i would say 5-7 people can sleep comfortably in the treehouse.

Quel said...

dear everyone,

Thank you for bidding!! and for the comments! i'm excited to meet whoever wins and to give you the "keys" to the tree. and i'm super excited to have this contribution to the nielson fund. keep bidding!

marsha, thanks for the love. here's some right back atcha.

will you be able to stay with me? please know you and yours are more than welcome, we would LOVE having you here. xoxoxo!

thanks for the questions, i hope i answered them. it's funny because i've never met a kid who was the least bit scared of the tree house but i've met quite a few adults who seem bound to the earth and refuse to go up! =)

Quel said...

Sweet generous friend Susan Krueger Barber is adding $20 to the winning bid for NieNie! Thanks Susan!

undefined said...

Make it $65!

steve u. said...


Quel said...

thank you bidders! you all rawk!

welcome to the countdown phase of this auction everybody! it closes at midnight MST.