Monday, April 20, 2009

From the Larder- Part II

Every apple that wasn't made into sauce was dehydrated. I filled about 15 jars (like the white one pictured) and cannot believe they were GONE months ago. I also dehydrated Italian year I need to do about ten times as many prunes 'cause they are delicious. NOTE TO SELF: Never again eat half a jar of prunes in one sitting. We also dehydrated zuchs & peppers and reconstitute them for soups.
Below are two of my favorite things...grape juice and vegetables in oil from an old French recipe. That old French recipe saved my taste buds! If you come for dinner request it!
Home made plain yogurt and the jam that will flavor it.
From the Blooper Reel...Ollie made me a gellatin man! With my canned peaches and grape juice. It made me sooooo happy.
Spaghetti squash really does look like pasta. (That's Robin Gumaelius's "Book Lady" hanging in the background.)
I refound the above place mats from my childhood. We're learning random factoids about the solar system and the Periodic Table of Elements while we eat.


marymary said...

Last year I made one gazillion rolls of apricot fruit leather and they lasted us about one month. Did you know that eating lots of apricots makes your urine smell funny? It took me a while to figure it out but then my sister (who also makes apricot fruit leather) confirmed it. Then in the middle of the winter I was changing Ellen's diaper and it had that same smell and I thought, "hmm, I wonder what causes that besides apricots?" -- and then remembered that I'd made smoothies with our frozen apricots the night before. :-)

I think your homesteading is simply fabulous.

GrittyPretty said...

marymary, that is so funny! i'm gonna have to notice the next time we eat apricots!
the apricot fruit leather sounds wonderful!

Eva said...

you guys are my gardening/eating role models.

mrs. everything said...

Your dehydrator is amazing! Where did it come from?

GrittyPretty said...

i got it from the "as is" room at Deseret Industries. it was never used and the employees had no idea what it was thank goodness for me or it would have been snatched up. it was made at wood-n-things in orem, utah.

Anonymous said...

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