Monday, April 20, 2009

From the Larder- Part I

I've been taking inventory and planning how we can do a better job of stocking the larder next year. I ran out of dried mint for tea by December. 50 lbs of potatoes is way too much. Last year we ran out of walnuts early but this year we still have plenty. There are a few more acorn squashes in the cellar. But we ran out of butternut squashes and spaghetti squash (my favorite!) a few weeks ago. We have one more sugar pumpkin for one more pie. But we have enough canned applesauce for deserts until next September. We have canned tomatoes and grape juice to last us a couple more years (oops). And so on...

Thank goodness for eggs. Because we keep the ladies in the warm greenhouse and make sure they have light for 14-15 hours a day they lay throughout the winter. A common meal is a walnut & honey crust filled with savory quiche or sweet pumpkin.
Or assorted greens from the greenhouse with sunny side up eggs.
Though the garden currently looks like a plot of mud if you know what to look for you can find plenty to eat already.

if there ever was a certifiable emergency there would be no gnawing on shoe leather

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