Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've heard tales of their fantastic gardens...

But that was before Afghanistan was in a decade long war with the USSR. Spectacular Spectacular. Afghanistan's mountains remind me of Utah.
My bro is a Major in the Airforce now stationed in Kabul.
He skyped me this morning and it was great to hear him talk and laugh and tell me about his daily life (busy). He's well versed in Afghani history (unlike me).

This is a picture of a flower garden in Kabul. Have you heard of Defiant Gardens? It's a website about gardening in war time.
I love the painted clay pots stacked in the background.

my throat catches and i can't wait til my bro is safely home.


Teresa said...

Oh! One of my good friends (and husband to one of best friends)in Afghanistan right now too.

pamo said...

it's amazing how political gardening (and chickens) can be.