Monday, April 20, 2009

New Art

Oliver made this year's poster for Provo's Farmers Market. I love Ollie's lines and the old world steam punkishness.

The market starts May 2 from 11-2. Judging by the size and quality of last Saturday's vendor meeting it's going to be a rockin' year.


Teresa said...

AWESOME POSTER! Can't wait for it to start!!

brooklyn said...

you guys are incredible and amazing-- the art, plants, animals, rugs, canning, drying, storing, decorating (i love your house) etc, etc etc.

you are both so admirable.


lu said...

I love the poster and the term, "old world punk."

and what brooklyn said.

c jane said...

I am all ready to go, and that poster is inspiring me even more so.

Currently I am watching the riveting chicken debate on t.v. and may I just say that your small speech was amazing. Well done! Bravo! Go hens!

GrittyPretty said...

thanks for all of the kind words!

t- i told ollie you like it. he knows you're the ultimate litmus test so THANKS!

b- the WOW goes full blast in the other direction. so right back atcha!

lu- lu where are you? miss you.

cjane- last night was a dream come true! my chix are legit! soooo many thanks to cindy clark! also, i was in a pleasant nay,ecstatic, shock to get a comment from you. and your latest posts blow me away- so powerful.

going to clean out the chicken coop to celebrate and let the ladies know they are now legal with the right to be here! =)

Ardently said...


here's a story for you. 5 days after my wedding your invite was returned. strange, i thought, seeing as it was mailed nearly a month ago. but alas, the invite is back in my parent's kitchen in p-town.

shall i try and send it again just so you can ooooh and awe over the design/craftsmanship carried out by yours truly? or should i put it in the trash?

if you choose option a, please email me your current address.

thanks much.


(i still think you're the coolest)

Juliette said...

Very cool poster!

Halen said...

I adore this poster. Can't wait for Saturday