Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roll Call

Confession: Not that long ago I couldn't tell cucumbers from zucchinis (so embarrassing!) I just ate whatever, no questions asked. Now i can name four cuke varieties off the top of my head (armenian, pickling, marketmore, lemon) and i definitely know what i'm eating. and when to expect it to be ripe in our region. (yay for getting savvier with age!)

These are the flowers that grace our table now. They're from our garden and represent the season. You can tell time by flowers.
I am slowly learning their secrets... Every year it's the same roll call. It begins with forsythia, crocuses, violets growing in spring grass, tulips, then the fruit trees blossom, lilacs, the bridal veil bushes, arugula goes to seed, love-in-a-mist nigella is dying down...Currently the daises and irises are at their height and the lamb's ears are flowering with the peonies about to burst. Being in tune with the seasons takes patience in a world where we grew up wanting what we want and wanting it now.

Some peeps who don't know the time line think our farmers market is lacking because we don't currently have fill-in-the-blank-let's-say peaches ('cause they're now the size of marbles in the tree!!). and sometimes these people are quoted in certain local university papers.


But then i remember i used to not be able to tell if i was eating a cuke or a zuke.

and i sorta forgive.

This is Eve. She was gestating during last year's market and will be raised at the market from here on out. She's going to grow up advantaged, knowing the timeline.

Henry Rollins is in my head. Anyone remember him? "it's time, it's time to align your body with your mind"--only hardcore punk.