Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Case Solved

Everyone who meets her, gushes over how Mamma Mia is soooo "cute".

It makes her boiling mad (which is very cute) and she often wonders aloud "Why can't people call me elegant?!" (cute pout!)

Well Mamma Mia it's because you're always doing things like wearing a tree identification tag around your neck to remind you that you need to order another winter hardy kiwi from the plant catalogue! Cute!

And because we can hardly take a picture of you without you doing this cute face:
More about Mamma Mia...

Once, when we lived in Chicagoland, Mamma Mia saw a street fight. Mamma Mia stopped the car (with us kids in it); got out; ran over to the huge group, and started screaming that if they didn't break up the fight that second she was going to honk her car horn until the police came.

They didn't believe my super cute petite Mamma Mia.

So she got back in the car and laid on the horn. And the crowd took off in all directions.

Mamma Mia, you may not have the elegant french manicure but instead frequently have dirt under your short nails 'cause your always gardening (and can't stand to wear gloves) and you can't sit still elegantly (for long) 'cause of your non-stop high energy...

but no one

no one

can take cute

and turn it into fiercely cute like you.