Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Tell Your Hoodlum Friends Outside... ain't got time to take a ride!

But also tell them that:

Provo's Farmers Market is manana from 11-2. (and then whisper to them hoodlums that there will be Belgian Waffles and if there aren't no belgian waffles then pappa's gonna buy them a...

golden ring, or something.)

Also coming up...there's a very worthwhile doula training (June 4-6) taught by this fantastic lady:
Melissa is a Birth Doula trainer with DONA International. For details and registration e-mail rawmelissaatgmaildotcom. Oh yeah, she also caters the training. YUM! I took the doula training earlier this year and can vouch that it was LIFE- CHANGING.

Got that, hoodlums?

Another thing!

Melissa has put together a film festival. Click on the photo to check it out!
And that scrumptious baby in the above photo? He's called Lolo and he belongs to my good friend Edie (whose hilarious kids are all hoodlums that can match your hoodlumishness and raise the roof.)

And then there are these hoodlums...
Right now Tam's finishing up her second year in med school and working at an HIV Clinic giving pelvic exams. And most importantly, TamTam is expecting her second baby in August!!! Because of Raw Melissa and the doula training, I am going to be ready to be Tam's doula.

And from one hoodlum to another, being at a birth is the best thing EVER.


*Have you ever wanted to feel useful while your loved one is in child labor? A doula's primary focus is the laboring woman. The doula supports, massages, performs acupressure, makes sure the mother-to-be knows her options and stands up for what the mother wants. A doula is a woman in service of another woman.