Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two Yays!

Firstly, as of last night Provo City does indeed allow urban hens! YAY! There was a revote and all but one council member voted for a revised ordinance. To celebrate Oliver is planning a Tour De Coops. There are some very lovely hens living in clever and charming hen homes out there in P-town...more about the tour later.

Secondly, one of my top favorite private blogs went public! I went to art school with Pamo and am so inspired to see how art not only remains a part of her life but how it forms the adventures they have as a family. (WOW.) She throws birthday parties for dead artists plus other art themed elaborate projects. Her three children are so lucky! And her blog readers are lucky!
Cake for Picasso.
Even the littlest Greta has her art displayed at a family art show.

So go check out Pamo's In My Shoes and add the feed to your google reader!

You're very welcome,